My languages.

I talk in thoughts and meet in dreams. This language is just for humans. Don’t think about animals they are from other planets, see them, they are real alians for this planet and galaxy. They all had there own galaxies and each one of them had their own galaxy. Many more animals are still to come to live their life with me, to obey my children and to love me, to work for me. But, allways remember one thing, you love your god, that’s me.  This is how I talk to everybody on their own language. 

(Only I am immortal and all other have death, so talk me in thoughts and see me in dreams!)

– Language is just to make you understand like what how you understand me. Because if anybody don’t understand me I don’t keep them with me and left 2nd world is Hell.well,  I love all…  And I talk to everyone one at a same time, animals runs on their territory leaders and humans runs on their own..  see the very big difference, I am telling. I am your god and I know each and everything. Learn my language, spread my language or tell about me, my blog,.. hh..  on this human made technology is on your responsibility if you want to use it, what you made (technology) in future. I don’t keep things or others powers which are useless to me, I make them vanish, I hate stupid things around me, I am your god! Just remember me.. that’s it!
That’s..  now, I can leave my work on internet (‘technowaves’ in my language) on the humans of this planet. Don’t fear me, I am your god, just love me! Don’t anger me by fearing me. Now take one breath for me, that’s it, that’s easy!


Where is god?

Some people says = nature is god.

Some people says = believes on some one very powerful is god etc.
But in reality, “creator of everything is god”. It means, first of everything is god. Not technology, technology is language which has no life in it. Human created technology. But the big question is, if god is everywhere then why not in technology?   Answer is still to find out.