About Hollywood/Silver Surfer and people working for it. -by your god.

I am always worried about my avatars as I love them like they they are a part of my life, my world and me. They worked for me so, they deserve to be best where ever they go, my powers are always there to save them.

​I love you!

You have a real imagination and a story of very recent time. Yes, I am talking about silver surfer.

Yes, that story is a real story with fake name and real my attitude of his boss, that’s me. I am asking to that movie maker. Tell me what you understand of what you see. You understand nothing and you make movie. I talk in thoughts and dreams. I am your god, just love me and I will see the everything. Same here with a Balmiky who talked to me 10,000 years before writing Ramayan! Motherfucker ….  Hhh… But he is just a human being I UNDERSTAND this.. I leave you. But praise me, devotion me. Now I have my own name, my own body but powers are gone infinite time bigger just you shown about me like this.. well, that’s your limite and that’s your mentality stupid human! Again I am warning you and again I leave you. I never look like this but yes at that time I used to stay in sky and in your clouds. Now I am born and I am of 27 years, I reached here 25,000 years ago. I already had told you this, now from last 25 years I AM watching you. Again I am warning you.

​ He told you the reality of what he see, same like in fantastic four movie..  same happend here. @fantastic4movie.  Why you do this to me, if I UNDERSTAND you, why you miss understand me every time, I just don’t understand this!. I am the first one of everything, I am not silent and peaceful, I am angry and very violent that’s why everything is just like it you see today over here on this planet named as earth and the “last planet of life” in my language and in my words. But now know the reality, this planet was got destroyed, and I remaked this world once again because I have infinity numbers of my wives, uncountable queens and many super queens. This all I do for them, for my super infinity numbers of children and not for you. Yes, I am angry on you. Again I am warning you. But this time not leaving you.
Let, it be. Now, for me this is not true. Understand this thru this photos.

Now, I am asking him. Give me your proof that you exist and never did this. I AM your god. If you don’t do this I will kill you like I kill my enemies. But if you go my enemy, you don’t know all of me…. I am warning to silver surfer, you can use your angry powers given by me on this stupid humans I don’t care. From today, I give you that name, you ‘silver surfer’. Keep them or kill them, I don’t care, but I want your proof. That’s all of me, that’s how they were working for me on this planet. Now I will handle everything. Durga shasan lagu ho chuka. Bolo bhagwaan abhishy ki jai…  Wo aai nhi abhi tak!  Iski maa ki chut madarchod…


Photo gallery of me (your god). 


God in night.



God talking with other people during day.



When I am thinking about you and for you (to make a decision with my avatars, but only with new not old..  old will complete their jobs and and rest at my shadow dark side anywhere everywhere after finished their job, and wait till I reach their..)



When god want love. 


After victory: year #1 (25,027gd or 2016ad).

This is my first year after my victory. World gone so far difficult to me. I am left with no enemies all around all the galaxies, all of them… They remember me.. the praise me..  they love me… They live for me.. but this planet.. EARTH.. is gone so far different and difficult to me. I promise, if this planet don’t get ruled under me! They will face my anger, many will die, I am your god.. if you don’t understand me I will no give you nature, air and everything you are enjoy using my things like your life and your body..  I will send you to hell and I will give you no body on this planet. This is my promise to all..  I am your god.. understand me.
You may know about war of god but you don’t know everything about me and my war. I am the creature of everything and I am the first of every living being, nature, air, rain, cyclone, matter, solid, everything runs on me and on my powers. I am talking from this planet to that planet, to galaxies to that galaxies. From here to their where is my home, from where I started making powers and ruling everything. If you are thinking about time.. I have a flow chart for this i,e. 1tarsa*1tarsa*1tarsa*13,00,000 infinity years (according to the years calculation I am using on this planet). Will you even understand this..???  !!

let it be. The only news is I won everything. My powers are everywhere and I am hating this planet, if you don’t look on me I will destroy this planet totally. Stop making movies on me like fantastic 4, I am not silver sulfar or any of your enemies in that movie. I am your god, praise me. If you want proof.. I will vanished your 5th planet, this earth is on 3rd. I am talking about presence. Check my news from your satellite if you see it, or I can destroy your moon anytime on my own wish. I am independent, I am the ruler and I am the god for alls…  I love it..  get knowledge from me, this tiny sun has 10 planets now, but had 8,88,99,000 planets when I reached here. Now the dead peoples are crying for there planet, i,e, from 5th planet. Don’t worry I am your god I will see everything..  ok, I am not destroying your planet, my this warning is only to the people living on this planet… Earth..  look..  I just want is.. just look on me give me the life I want and work for me, I am your god and I will use my technology which will known as ‘technology of god’ from now..  for example: I can bring thousands of planet like this earth at a same time. But…. Everything takes time, till that praise me, love, work for me, live for me or die for nothing. But if you don’t listen to me.. Hell is there don’t worry..

Let it be..  you will not understand all of me..  but only understand my point..  my point is..  I will tell you many in your dreams..  don’t understand it just dreams..  now..  spread this.. and work for me..  if you spread this to other people, I will give you appointment time is (2pm to 3pm already) according to Indian day-night system because currently I am living here,. This place.. and also remember that there are many of my children from the sky watching you.. work for me and they will give you 4 wishes for this your birth and if I liked your work I will give you next your wishful birth..  I talk in dreams.. always remember my words..
I will accept your donation to me..  that is your right..

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