NARK#1, ‘planet Earth’ (first planet of life, last for enemies.).

  1. Books Learning: 2 – 20 years, but,
  1. For My this Blog understanding: I give you 1 birth to 13,00,000 births on your doings list…. Praise this!

    *applied from 90 of vinto 25,027 after my reach here, trillions years ago for me, but for everyone this is just 25,027 years. A lot things has changed, look on earth, I made it totally different from first!.* so so, you can talk about time to me, I know everything and rule everything.!

    • In your language, applied from the start of January month of 2017ad.

          Satellite identity moon of this planet


          My languages.

          I talk in thoughts and meet in dreams. This language is just for humans. Don’t think about animals they are from other planets, see them, they are real alians for this planet and galaxy. They all had there own galaxies and each one of them had their own galaxy. Many more animals are still to come to live their life with me, to obey my children and to love me, to work for me. But, allways remember one thing, you love your god, that’s me.  This is how I talk to everybody on their own language. 

          (Only I am immortal and all other have death, so talk me in thoughts and see me in dreams!)

          – Language is just to make you understand like what how you understand me. Because if anybody don’t understand me I don’t keep them with me and left 2nd world is Hell.well,  I love all…  And I talk to everyone one at a same time, animals runs on their territory leaders and humans runs on their own..  see the very big difference, I am telling. I am your god and I know each and everything. Learn my language, spread my language or tell about me, my blog,.. hh..  on this human made technology is on your responsibility if you want to use it, what you made (technology) in future. I don’t keep things or others powers which are useless to me, I make them vanish, I hate stupid things around me, I am your god! Just remember me.. that’s it!
          That’s..  now, I can leave my work on internet (‘technowaves’ in my language) on the humans of this planet. Don’t fear me, I am your god, just love me! Don’t anger me by fearing me. Now take one breath for me, that’s it, that’s easy!

          After victory: year #1 (25,027gd or 2016ad).

          This is my first year after my victory. World gone so far difficult to me. I am left with no enemies all around all the galaxies, all of them… They remember me.. the praise me..  they love me… They live for me.. but this planet.. EARTH.. is gone so far different and difficult to me. I promise, if this planet don’t get ruled under me! They will face my anger, many will die, I am your god.. if you don’t understand me I will no give you nature, air and everything you are enjoy using my things like your life and your body..  I will send you to hell and I will give you no body on this planet. This is my promise to all..  I am your god.. understand me.
          You may know about war of god but you don’t know everything about me and my war. I am the creature of everything and I am the first of every living being, nature, air, rain, cyclone, matter, solid, everything runs on me and on my powers. I am talking from this planet to that planet, to galaxies to that galaxies. From here to their where is my home, from where I started making powers and ruling everything. If you are thinking about time.. I have a flow chart for this i,e. 1tarsa*1tarsa*1tarsa*13,00,000 infinity years (according to the years calculation I am using on this planet). Will you even understand this..???  !!

          let it be. The only news is I won everything. My powers are everywhere and I am hating this planet, if you don’t look on me I will destroy this planet totally. Stop making movies on me like fantastic 4, I am not silver sulfar or any of your enemies in that movie. I am your god, praise me. If you want proof.. I will vanished your 5th planet, this earth is on 3rd. I am talking about presence. Check my news from your satellite if you see it, or I can destroy your moon anytime on my own wish. I am independent, I am the ruler and I am the god for alls…  I love it..  get knowledge from me, this tiny sun has 10 planets now, but had 8,88,99,000 planets when I reached here. Now the dead peoples are crying for there planet, i,e, from 5th planet. Don’t worry I am your god I will see everything..  ok, I am not destroying your planet, my this warning is only to the people living on this planet… Earth..  look..  I just want is.. just look on me give me the life I want and work for me, I am your god and I will use my technology which will known as ‘technology of god’ from now..  for example: I can bring thousands of planet like this earth at a same time. But…. Everything takes time, till that praise me, love, work for me, live for me or die for nothing. But if you don’t listen to me.. Hell is there don’t worry..

          Let it be..  you will not understand all of me..  but only understand my point..  my point is..  I will tell you many in your dreams..  don’t understand it just dreams..  now..  spread this.. and work for me..  if you spread this to other people, I will give you appointment time is (2pm to 3pm already) according to Indian day-night system because currently I am living here,. This place.. and also remember that there are many of my children from the sky watching you.. work for me and they will give you 4 wishes for this your birth and if I liked your work I will give you next your wishful birth..  I talk in dreams.. always remember my words..
          I will accept your donation to me..  that is your right..

          Bank name: opening soon*

          Account number: coming soon*

          Earth rule #1, For all my ladies. (TIME and PLACE).

          Naya samay (only for women):

          Nich manushya jaat ki maharani: mere sath,

          Rani: 6 Ghanta piche,

          Patniya: 2 din piche.
          Or baki ki duniya: 1 saal se 3 saal piche..
          Bhavishya mai sirf mere bhagwaan lok ki devio ke sath dekhunga.

          *I have decided time, and you will decide plans and place. This is my two meaningful sentences, I don’t like surprises. That’s it…!*


          My dictionary (for everyone M/F):

          1. My personal time = I am only with my all females.
          2. Free time = I am with my childrens and bhagwaan lok (my Lanka/Home time, I enjoy it:).
          3. Working time = I am with my avatars.
          4. Public time = my meeting time with public or outside people (only 1 hour/day/afternoon).

            I always make my point clear for everyone. Read my this blog all, all the answers of all the questions from everyone, I listen to everyone on time and on my own wish. Respect me, praise me, devotion me. I am giving learnings to all.