NARK#1, ‘planet Earth’ (first planet of life, last for enemies.).

  1. Books Learning: 2 – 20 years, but,
  2. For My this Blog understanding: I give you 1 birth to 10 births in AKH on your doings list…. Praise this!

*applied from 90 of vinto 25,027 after my reach here, trillions years ago for me, but for everyone this is just 25,027 years. A lot things has changed, look on earth, I made it totally different from first!.* so so, you can talk about time to me, I know everything and rule everything.! I Am yes your God .. !!

  • In your language, applied from the start of January month of 2017ad.

        Satellite identity moon of this planet

        Author: spiritualactivities

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