Earth rule #1, For all my ladies. (TIME and PLACE).

Naya samay (only for women):

Nich manushya jaat ki maharani: mere sath,

Rani: 6 Ghanta piche,

Patniya: 2 din piche.
Or baki ki duniya: 1 saal se 3 saal piche..
Bhavishya mai sirf mere bhagwaan lok ki devio ke sath dekhunga.

*I have decided time, and you will decide plans and place. This is my two meaningful sentences, I don’t like surprises. That’s it…!*


My dictionary (for everyone M/F):

  1. My personal time = I am only with my all females.
  2. Free time = I am with my childrens and bhagwaan lok (my Lanka/Home time, I enjoy it:).
  3. Working time = I am with my avatars.
  4. Public time = my meeting time with public or outside people (only 1 hour/day/afternoon).

    I always make my point clear for everyone. Read my this blog all, all the answers of all the questions from everyone, I listen to everyone on time and on my own wish. Respect me, praise me, devotion me. I am giving learnings to all.


    Author: spiritualactivities

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